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KRISTO ASAFO (Christ Reformed Church )

Kristo Asafo -Christ Reformed Church - was founded by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo on the 3rd February, 1971. On that fateful day, the then young Kwadwo Safo had a divine call to serve the Almighty God. As a result, he started preaching the gospel single-handedly. He won his first convert, Madam Faustina Akua Darkoah who has been very instrumental and resourceful at the infant stages of the missionary work of Apostle Safo in 1971. Auntie Faustie testified that this Man of God who now lives in the pool of wealth and luxury was once a very poor man. Like most of his predecessors, he climbed the ladder from poverty to not only wealth but fame. He is now the most famous icon in the eyes of many Ghanaians and Africans.

Humble Beginning
Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo started from a humble beginning. Life was so cruel to him in all endeavors. Wanting to tell the world that God has called him, poor Kwadwo Safo started the church in his suffocating and extremely small single room in Accra Newtown, Ghana. Having won some few converts he started teaching in his room every day as if the people had been hypnotized to serve the Lord in this hot uncomfortable room at all cost.

Apostle Safo went to Ghana House in Accra to preach the word of God regularly. Sensing more vigor, power and divine wisdom in his words, a lot of people trooped in to listen to his divine preaching. This kind of activity went on consistently until the first branch was established at the Ghana County Preparatory School in Accra Newtown. Several branches were formed in Accra and at a point in time the propagation of the Good News has to go beyond the confines of Accra. With his Gospel Singers, he had to travel outside Accra in search of money and work to fulfill God's promise. He travelled to Kumasi and started preaching from Bompata through Kwadaso to Old Tafo, New Tafo to Bantama and Agogo. He won many converts but most of them could not stay because life was difficult and feeding himself and his converts was a challenge to the infant Kristo Asafo.

Initial Problems

To solve this economic problem, Apostle embarked on the preparation of  "don't touch me" ( a kind of low quality soap that causes skin problems and clothing materials to fade and usually patronized by the poor in society but which was the least affordable in Ghana as of that time) at Kensere near Bekwai in the Ashanti region. After preparation of the soap, he with his followers will slice them proportionally and carry them on their heads for sale by roaming through the length and breadth of the villages and towns around Kumasi to the dismay of the people who would question the legitimacy of the true Man of God. With his leadership acumen, he applied division of labour among his followers. He assigned each group roles to perform. Some went into trading, farming, fishing and others went into the propagation of the gospel.

Concealed Identity
Apostle Safo knew within himself and beforehand that he was a great man engulfed with wealth and technological know-how to redeem Africa but had just wanted to tell the world how God does His things. He has illustrated the fact, which great historians have always recognized, that mankind does not invariably progress by imperceptible steps but sometimes takes a giant leap, often under the dynamic divine force of a solitary outsized personality. When the time was due for him to launch his technological prowess, he leapfrogged traditional technological concepts and is now on the verge of re-writing history. He is one man who cut across all branches of technical and innovative professionalism.

Service to Mankind

Today, the Kristo Asafo has 137 branches in Ghana and one each in Verona, Italy, London in the United Kingdom and the United States. Today Apostle Safo and his Kristo Asafo has become the mouthpiece of every Ghanaian and African. Since its inception, Apostle Safo has donated to a lot of institutions, including the universities, prisons, orphanages, leprosarium, social welfares and hospitals. He has been the father of the poor and needy. His concern for humanity and his mission of restoring Africa from its lost glory is glary.

Belief in the power of applied knowledge
His activities which transcend charity are beyond the comprehension of ordinary minds. Unlike other charismatic churches, Kristo Asafo (Christ reformed Church), apart from the believe we have in the trinity, also believe that the infinite intelligence that God has given to mankind is not limited to the one race and that by hard work and perseverance through science and technology as demonstrated by our visionary leader Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, the image of our abode will be redeemed and uplifted.

Mercy & Lydia, Hd. Office Robert Ntsifu

Kwadwo Safo Jnr.Abraham Yaw Safo

Aunti Fausti

Festus O. Badu Esq. Gen. Secretary

Samuel Somoah - Head, Financial

Yaw Boakye, Dep. Gen. Secretary. Projects

Sarah Adwoa Safo Esq.Joche Adwoa Safo
Gyasi Nimako - National Organiser Pastor Asamoah - Ashanti Regional Head

Pastor Mensah, Greater Accra Regional PastorJ.N Nkrumah - Legal Officer

Pastor Kwabena Okyere - Eastern 'A' Regional HeadPastor Nyarko -  Brong Ahafo Regional HeadPastor Akwesi Asare, Western Regional Head

K. Osei Bempa - Head, Public RelationsPastor Arthur - Central Regional Head

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